10 Proven Methods To Grow Your Instagram Followers

Since the first social networking site, SixDegrees.com launched in 1997, social network world had gone through a lot of changes. Today we had Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and more that had help worldwide businesses to reach their audience more efficiently and direct. 

However with so many social networks around, and we are compete at global level, fighting with an individual who live in a small apartment in downtown New York or a stay home mom from India, it is getting more competitive to gain followers on your social network account. Here we compile a list of 10 Proven Methods to Grow Your Social Followers. 

  1. Run Contests - Provide attractive prizes that will attract more people in joining your contest, and encourage sharing of the contest to their friends. 
  2. Engage With Your Audience - Answer your follower's queries, compliment your followers, make them feel special. Your followers are human like yourself. What you will like, they will also like it. 
  3. Post Often - Post on regular basis on your account. Don't post hundreds a day and stop posting for 1 week. Social medias are like advertisements, you had to let your brand goes into your follower's mind. 
  4. Post Quality Content - Post only quality contents, don't post crappy images. When your followers like what you post, they will share it to their friends. This will give you more exposure. 
  5. Use Popular Hashtag In Your Niche - If you are in health niche, use #fitness and similiar hashtags. This will give you extra exposures. 
  6. Consider Buy Instagram Followers - Buying followers had proven a working strategy to gain more real followers. When you had large followers, you command the respect from new followers. 
  7. Consider Buy Shoutout From Popular Account - This is like buy an advertisement slot on subway station. Let more people see what you can offer and those who interest will check you out. 
  8. Offline Advertising - If you business targets are local, then hire some school boys to help you distribute your business card or flyers to the area where your potential followers will go. 
  9. Ride The Trend - Keep an eye on what is happening right now and look for viral news that related to your business. Share that business and add your own citation and watch it goes viral. Example: Nando's
  10. Less Self-Promote - This need practice and it is an art. Share more other people's content than yours will earn you the right to promote yourself. People don't like you to promote too often about yourself. Keep telling people how great you are will just make people sick. Period. 
The above 10 methods are proven methods that had been practicing by thousands of social media marketers out there. Try them yourself and see the improvement of the followers in very short period of time.